2017 Exclusive Preview
A Digital Customer Experience, in Your Control

I.  Learn, Shop, and Compare

II.  Easy Check Out, Digital Signature, and Purchase

III.   Full Administrative Control

Exclusively presented for:

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Marketplace Landing Page
We'll be directing consumers to this page to begin their shopping experience.
Learn More with Web-ready Product Education!
Here's an opportunity to add more information about the plan sponsor or specific products...
Join, Create an Account, and Login!
The customer can login and begin their shopping experience.
Quick Quote and Product Intro
For variably priced products, here's an example engaging the customer and gathering choices and preferences.
Compare Products and Features...
A display of features so the customer can choose their product.
Decision Support Capabilities (Eligibility)
Our system includes technology to assist customers in product selection and any add-ons or options.
Product Pricing Detail
Many products require additional information to assist in underwriting and product selection.
Pricing Refinement via Gamification
Our system provides decision and pricing support through the visual gamification of the questions asked.
Add to Cart
Our environment hosts multiple products from a variety of vendors, allowing the ability to cross-sell, up-sell, and more...
Easy Check Out, Digital Signature, and Purchase
Secure Payment & Merchant Processing
Secure and quick processing for credit/debit-card transactions.
Review Your Final Purchase
The purchase is summarized, confirmed by the customer, and directs the customer back to the member portal after finalizing.
Redirect to Member Portal and Profile
This is an example of a member portal summarizing purchases and providing links to policy or service specifics.
Carrier Integration Capabilities
Genius Avenue currently transmits data with our customers and service partners in over 70 ways. We're always working to refine and update our integration capabilities.
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