The future of digital consumer

engagement has arrived

It’s FinsurTech

Genius AvenueTM  was created to establish compelling connections between insurance companies and their customers. We go beyond traditional insurance and weave the natural stitching of Insurtech and Fintech fibers.

Our clients benefit. Their customers benefit. It’s Genius.

Genius AvenueTM  delivers customized tools to acquire, retain and expand
consumer relationships.

How do we do it?

Today’s digital consumer engagement platforms are no longer an option. Consumers expect a deeper understanding. 

Watch a video below to learn more.

Our technology enables clients to:

  • Learn more about and connect with individual consumers
  • Engage consumers with confidence and impact with a direct, Go-to-Market strategy
  • Understand product, service, and industry performance
  • Connect with the right partners for the right outcomes
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty

The Genius Advantage

Product distribution, go-to-market strategy and engagement and market performance insight are all carefully stitched together and delivered in unison.


We identify new product sources paired with optimized go-to-market strategies to maximize product delivery.


Front/back-end administration, data-driven business intelligence, and leading digital consumer engagement.


We’re partnered with carriers, direct-to-consumer providers, distributors, and program sponsors.

We have a strong foundation of solutions built on compliance.

Genius Avenue is proactive with an internal team of regulatory professionals who have extensive experience working with leading insurers, carriers, product distributors and various types of organizations. Learn more →


The market doesn’t wait for companies to change. With Genius AvenueTM, your company will be right on time.

Our solutions integrate smoothly, fit into your existing workflows, and raise the level of value creation in your company.

Front/Back-End Administration

Beautiful consumer enrollment managed by a full back-end administration platform for best user-account management.

Product Distribution & Sourcing

We parter with manufacturers, distributors, and sponsors of individual insurance and personal financial, home, and health protection products.

Data Flow & Payment Processing

We optimize the secure flow of user and product data, handling any payroll or e-commerce based transactions.

Digital Consumer Engagement

Our solutions are cross-media connected, mobile-ready, and designed to engage digitally throughout the consumer journey.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our deep population analytics inform on consumer interests, acquisition, retention, and product performance.

Open Marketplace Platforms

We create and roll out sponsored and open marketplace platforms. We also provide group management for associations/organizations.

Is the Genius AvenueTM optimization platform right for my business?

Our technology platforms work in concert with our know how, relationships and innovation base to provide a more comprehensive, distinct, value creation with and for our clients.

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